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Bookari Reader
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Description of Bookari Reader

Bookari Reader for Android (formerly known as Mantano Reader) is a free mobile app to read ebooks on your mobile phone or tablet, including those which are protected with Adobe DRM system. The Bookari app offers unprecedented flexibility, speed and convenience of all your reading-related operations applicable within the operating environment. Bookari Reader suits all user classes and categories: students, professional readers, usual readers. You can download thousands of free titles from public OPDS-catalogues or add your own new ones, make quotes and annotations, watch school lessons, search for unknown words’ definitions within the dictionary, etc.

Supported by Bookari Reader formats

Bookari Reader is compatible with PDF and EPUB2 ebook formats only. However, it can open and read books protected with any type of Adobe digital rights management system, including Adobe ID, Anonymous ID and password protection.

The features and options of the Bookari Reader app

Here is short glance onto the most opportunities and tweaks of the Bookari e-reader:

  • Compliance with Advanced PDF technology: fast scrolling, scaling and panning. In order to use the feature, make a double tap on one of the columns displayed in the reading view mode.
  • Night mode that decreases pressure on your sight and minimizes the gadget battery consumption.
  • Creation of the texts based on the notes attached to the page.
  • Viewing table of contents due to a familiar tree structure of the book layout.
  • Quick access to the annotations and bookmarks generated formerly within Bookari.
  • Searching of the unknown words within the dictionary by selecting them from the suggestions list.
  • Arrangement of all your books within collections.
  • Viewing your library by various display modes: compact list, detailed reference or thumbnails.
  • Details about the book (prolonged tap).
  • Marking of the books and management of tags (while the new tag is being entered, auto-completion allows to avoid redundant data).
  • Filtering by collection, author, tag, publisher, format and other criterias.
  • Sorting by title, author, addition date, date of last access, and more.
  • Search of the books while entering the keyword, fragment of title or author name.
  • Enhanced opportunities for OPDS-catalogues management: you can search for new titles in multiple web-catalogues, attach custom personalized OPDS-catalogs, open the needed book in the reading form, apply filters by catalog and category, apply full-text search of the books.
  • Instant sync feature: thanks to this particular component, you can retrieve your books’ entire organization on all of your actually used gadgets and even on Bookari Cloud web-service.
  • Listening to the book with a voice synthesis engine. You can select the preferential voice and the language applicable to the TTS component. This plugin will help you improve your accent in a foreign language or to learn new, unfamiliar words, which are used in the book.
  • Fully configurable themes: in Bookari you can adjust background colors, margins, line height, font and other parameters.
  • Enhanced compatibility of Bookari Reader with PDF format: automatic and manual cropping, zoom and pan, fast horizontal and vertical scroll.
  • A broad assortment of ways to import your books into the library: by scanning all of your book files with Automatic search, by connecting to your Dropbox account, by going to a particular file within Explorer, browsing the OPDS-catalogs available by default or the custom catalogs and web-resources that you have added to your favourite “Stores”. They are all organized under the “+” button for quick and easy access.

The tool has considerably progressed and advanced for the last several years and rapidly increases the quantity of its followers. If you want to look at Bookari Reader closer, download the app from the our website and test all the great things the developers have taken care of recently.

Bookari Reader: interface screenshots

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