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Description of FullReader

FullReader is a powerful multi-functional solution for reading ebooks on Android smartphones and tablets. It is one of the most customizable Android applications which can read all main formats of ebooks (including audiobooks in mp3 format), magazines, comics and documents, adjust the look of the page and manage libraries on the device. Full Reader download is available for free at Google Play, there is also a paid license. Free license includes ads, paid license is ads-free.

File formats supported by FullReader for Android

The Full Reader Android app supports the following formats:

  1. Ebooks: ePub, fb2, mobi
  2. Comics: cbr, cbz
  3. Documents: txt, PDF, doc, docx, rtf, DjVu, DjV, html, htm, xps, oxps, odt
  4. Archives: rar, zip, 7z (the app will read their contents directly, no need to unpack the archives)
  5. Audio: MP3

Main options of FullReader for Android

  • Built-in file manager.
  1. The utility provides quick access to the areas where ebooks in supported formats are stored in the memory of the Android device. Users can create folders for these items, rename and move them, share, edit the file info and delete ebooks.
  2. Files can be sorted by the app itself, users can compile their own collections, too.
  • Cloud storages support.
  1. FullReader app for Android can connect to Google Drive, OneDrive and DropBox — users can save their files there and download them on the device when needed.
  • Network libraries support.
  1. OPDS directories can be added for the app to connect to their collections, search and download ebooks.
  • Audiobooks support.
  1. FullReader supports mp3 files and can be used for both ebooks and audiobooks, it won't be needed to use another player app on the Android device to listen to audiobooks, FullReader will manage all types.
  • Text to speech.
  1. Any text can be read aloud by the FullReader app. There are options to select the voice, its tone, speed and language. The timer for reading aloud is also available.
  • Page customization.
  1. FullReader app provides plenty of options to adjust the page look according to the users' preferences. There is a wide choice of fonts and backgrounds (users can create and add their custom backgrounds).
  2. Two menus of quick and advanced settings offer to configure the intervals, indents and separate styles for text elements.
  • Bookmarks and notes for texts.
  1. In FullReader users can add bookmarks for all ebooks, including audiobooks.
  2. Highlighted notes are available for documents with text.
  3. All bookmarks and notes are gathered in a separate section of the main menu of this Android app and can be easily deleted there or in the book reading window.
  • Editable toolbar in the page's window.
  1. Additional tools for performing certain tasks are provided at the bottom of the book page's window in FullReader.
  2. Default toolset can be changed by the user and include shortcuts to the necessary tasks.
  • Search in text.
  • Translation of separate words and text fragments.
  • Eye-protection means.
  1. The screen brightness level of the Android device can be adjusted for the user's comfort while reading.
  2. The Black Theme can be applied for reading ebooks with FullReader in the dark time of the day. This can be enabled both manually from the side menu and automatically, by the timer.
  • Widgets and shortcuts.
  1. Widgets for recent ebooks and favorite ebooks which are read by FullReader can be placed on the home screen of the Android phone or tablet.
  2. Also there can be shortcuts to the definite books on the home screen for quick access.

Free Full Reader is one of the best choices when you want to read ebooks or view some other documents in different formats on Android due to its multi-formats support and lots of options for customization.

The page on the screen will look exactly as you wish, and additional tools will help you to manage the libraries conveniently and make the reading process comfortable.

FullReader: interface screenshots

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