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FBReader for Android

FBReader for Android
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Description of FBReader for Android

FBReader for Android is a fast, easily customizable ebook reader for mobile devices with Android OS on board. FBReader perfectly suits phones and tablets of early generations with low or medium-level hardware base. The app is compatible with all Android versions starting from 1.5 build. The free version of the app is different from the Premium one: the paid version doesn’t contain any ads, contains embedded support of PDF and comic book files, also it includes enhanced opportunities for translation of distinct words or phrases with Google or Yandex translator.

The developer announced the major update of the project up to 3.0 version in early 2019. The enhanced opportunities of the Reading aloud module, different fonts to download, common interface for library, including network and local parts, advanced support of books with DRM-protection, enhanced integration with the dictionary and Goodreads service and more bonus features are scheduled to be implemented.

FBReader: supported formats

The e-reader is compliant with all the up-to-date book formats and extensions: fb2, epub, mobi (only without DRM-protection), rtf, doc, docx, html, txt, pdf, djvu, cbr, cbz.

Notable distinctions of FBReader from alternative ebook readers

Here is a brief review of the features and the options that make FBReader stand out:

  • Compliance with third-party plugins and extensions that considerably extend the actual functional aspects of the product. Currently, more than 5 different components are suggested to be installed over the Android app. Among them is a virtual bookshelf, add-ons for reading DjVu, PDF and comic books, search for the book catalogues in local network, and automatic reading aloud feature. By the way, nearly all of the mentioned plugins are available in the Premium version by default without any installations and setting up.
  • Syncing with FBReader book network, cloud storage, which is currently located on Google Drive server. You can turn on:
  1. synchronization of the books
  2. syncing of reading positions
  3. sync bookmarks.
  • Reading books directly from ZIP-archives without decompression.
  • Grouping books in FBReader library by titles, authors, series, and other criterias.
  • Picturesque view of the library (bookshelf) is available as separate module. You can either download books from the network or purchase the new ones on (directly from FBReader) and place them afterwards on the memory card into preferred folder.
  • Direct access to the well-known network libraries and shopping platforms.
  • A chance to attach your own OPDS-catalogues.
  • Provides a way to translate a text or a word in Lingvo, SlovoEd, FreeDictionary.Org, LEO Dictionary, Fora Dictionary, ColorDict, Dictan and other dictionaries.
  • Suggests to attach personalized OpenType/TrueType fonts.
  • Visual interface available in 29 languages.
  • A capability to set automatic indentations within FBReader on 16 language.s
  • Low hardware requirements, which should entirely satisfy the owners of outdated mobile devices with slow ARM-CPUs and minimum RAM amount on board.

As a bonus, you can encounter versions for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Windows Phone and more operating systems on the official resource, dedicated to the FBReader project development and implementation.

FBReader is quite a reliable, smooth and fluent ebook reader for any Android device of current or previous generations. If you want to have a personal look on the possibilities of the project, just download FBReader for Android and enjoy its immersive set of options.

FBReader for Android: interface screenshots

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