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Adobe Acrobat Reader for Android

Adobe Acrobat Reader for Android
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Description of Adobe Acrobat Reader for Android

Adobe Acrobat Reader for Android is the most useful and efficient app to read PDFs right on the screen of your mobile device in the native environment. Indeed, PDF format was originally designed by Adobe Corporation, and Adobe Acrobat Reader is the most fit solution for handling documents of this type, as the developer recognizes all the peculiarities and possibilities of the format in the best way. The full version of the tool available for download on our page doesn’t contain any ads or internal transactions. Thus, you can read ebooks, add comments, open files in shared mode and use all of the other product opportunities for free.

Supported by Adobe Acrobat Reader formats and extensions

The app maintains operations with PDF files only, but in Acrobat you can do a mass of things with the types of files unavailable in other PDF-readers.

Adobe Acrobat Reader for Android: features and options

Acrobat Reader is different by a range of options that make this solution unique among the rivals. You can:

  • quickly open and view PDF documents;
  • search, scrolling and scale adjustment;
  • choose between the page-by-page view mode or continuous scrolling;
  • add notes to the text within PDF by a special “Note” tool and tools for drawing;
  • select and highlight the text with special tools;
  • view comments and reply them in the list;
  • enter any text within the document by selecting the “Add text” tool;
  • gain quick access to the documents in order to view, edit or sign them;
  • work simultaneously with other users by leaving comments in the PDF files accessible for editing;
  • receive notifications about actions with the files that you shared for viewing and editing;
  • follow what actions are required to be made over the documents, which you shared for simultaneous access;
  • provide access to PDF files with links, which you are can to send via email;
  • easily gain access to PDFs created with the free Adobe Scan app;
  • send documents to be signed by other users via Adobe EchoSign service;
  • open scans in Adobe Reader in order to fill them in, sign, edit or allow shared access;
  • instantly fill in PDF forms by entering text in corresponding fields;
  • add digital signatures to PDFs by tapping the device screen or by using stylus;
  • enter free Adobe Document Cloud account to store files and obtain access to them on any devices;
  • attach your Dropbox account and access the other storage cloud services, including Google Drive;
  • print documents from any device;
  • open password-protected files within the Reader;
  • turn on the special night mode, making all documents monochrome. This view mode allows to read books with poor lightning, decreases pressure on eyes, and minimizes the battery consumption, as the less quantity of pixels are highlighted on the screen;
  • read large documents by turning off automatic brightness decreasing during the reading process;
  • set the bookmarks in order to instantly navigate to the needed page;
  • open the needed page within the PDF document by tapping on the page number and filling in the required value in the corresponding field;
  • go back within Adobe Reader to the previous page by a simple click on the “Back” button. At the same time, it doesn’t matter how you found yourself on this page;
  • navigate through the document pages with thumbnails;
  • correct a mistake with a simple click on the “Cancel” button. If you made a mistake while typing a text in Adobe Reader, you don’t need to start from scratch.

Definitely, the app is the best choice for a proficient PDF view, search, navigation and signatures — you are given a chance to do all of the mentioned procedures plus solid bonuses. In order to get and install Adobe Acrobat Reader app, download it from this page and set up the package.

Adobe Acrobat Reader for Android: interface screenshots

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