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Description of eBoox

eBoox is a mobile reader for Android compatible with nearly all of the most common digital formats. Due to a very cozy interface and adaptive design, eBook can definitely make it into your apps arsenal, and you will not delete it, that’s for sure! Absolutely brilliant, flawless and smooth usability makes your user experience bright, vivid and unforgettable, as eBoox colour gamma adds one more coin into the developer’s piggy bank.

Supported by eBoox formats

eBoox is entirely compliant with the following ebook extensions: fb2, epub, mobi, cbr, cbz, doc, docx, html, odt, rtf, txt, prc. In addition to plain book formats, the reader splendidly recognizes the .zip and .rar archive containers.

eBoox: features and options

Eboox stands out due to a range of options and tweaks which revamp it into an outstanding solution:

  • Stunning, cute and really pleasant interface with purring kittens and without any ads. We get a fluent responsive design with a mass of new features.
  • Free distribution of the eBoox package without in-app purchases or embedded microtransactions.
  • Instant page loading, which results in faster reading and responsiveness of the program.
  • Easy and quick download of books into the eBoox reader. You can use the internal memory of your phone/tablet or the SD-card as the storage location of your data, and transfer ebooks between the individual folders in a blink of an eye.
  • Book catalogs can be displayed in various languages.
  • Syncing of files to read them on all your Android devices.
  • An adequate and responsible support team, which is always online to hear your feedback, make a bug fix or add another comprehensive feature to their project.
  • You can customize the eBoox reading settings to the optimal mode.
  • A special night mode is available, which decreases the pressure on eyes and lowers the battery consumption of your mobile device. There is an exclusive turning animation that makes your reading experience even better and richer.
  • Constant enhancement of the eBoox project, which makes the implementation and the deployment of new app versions faster and more dynamic as never before. To make the transition between the projects smooth and flawless, the developers have designed a special tool which will transfer all of your settings, highlights and ebooks to the new app version without any problem.
  • Selection between the ways how the pages are turned. For user’s selection, up to 4 individual turn modes are available.
  • Ultimate choice between horizontal and vertical rotation modes of the viewing area. There is an auto-rotate option, which adapts to the current layout of your phone screen and rotates the viewing area depending on your personal style layout.
  • Intuitive navigation within the explorer integrated into the shell.

The only disadvantage of the application is that it doesn’t support PDF files, so download another external e-reader for Android, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader or FBReader.

If you are looking for a reliable, smooth and vivid ebook reader, download eBoox and have a look at its satiated color gamma and visual GUI. The tones and hues of the app won’t leave you indifferent, while detailed customization and personalization is another bold plus to the advantages of the program solution.

eBoox: interface screenshots

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