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Description of EBookDroid

EBookDroid is a free mobile reader for Android, which combines top-notch customization abilities with enhanced support of compliant formats, which the app is able to read and recognize. Indeed, EBookDroid is able to swallow up and digest most of the common file formats, even the most recent and exotic ones. So if you are in search of all-in-one ebook reading suite, pay attention to EBookDroid - the app which is going to become the open up of the seasonal e-reader reveal.

Compatible with EBookDroid formats

The program is ideal reading ebooks in the following formats: fb2, epub, pdf, xps, djvu, cbz, cbr, awz3, mobi and rtf.

EBookDroid: opportunities and capabilities

Here is a review of Pros and cons of the app to make you aware of what EBookDroid can/cannot do:

  • The tool provides a flexible font mapping for PDFs. In case a third-party font is found in the same folder with the needed PDF file, this font will be applied to the reading mode. Moreover, the user can specify a list of directories (/sdcard/fonts is the default path) where you can find external fonts. If the external font applied to PDF owns the same family name as the one found in the suggested directories, the new font will be also applied to the reading mode.
  • You can make text notes and leave marks on the margins. More than that, you can make free-hand annotations and comment particular moments and fragments from the storyline.
  • A chance to customize the way you are reading the file on a per-book basis: each particular book’s layout is tailored to offer you the best experience of reading, and all customization and personalization settings tuned are saved until your next reading session.
  • Instantly zooming to thr column’s content (applicable to multi-column articles).
  • If the document you are currently reading is a book with wide asymmetric margins, you can manually or automatically crop the margins following your style.
  • For two-faced layouts, you are given a chance to split the pages. Thus, regardless of the actual layout and the composition of the document you are reading at the moment, EBookDroid makes everything possible to make your reading experience smooth and fully satiated.
  • The visual gamma reflects on the displayed graphical interface. All your books lists are visualized as an ordinary bookshelf. If you copied only a few digital documents to the app, all the shelves are covered with a cobweb. This charming detail tells a lot about the details included by the developers.
  • Adjusting the orientation of the screen and rotating the pages is up to you.
  • Setting up the suitable font size and screen brightness to make the reading process less tiresome for your sight.
  • Compatibility of EBookDroid with external dictionary and text selection.
  • Highlighting of the text.
  • You can use the individual settings for each particular book from the library and the service will automatically apply them each time EBookDroid is run and loaded.
  • An integrated file manager, which lets you transfer selected books and documents right through the main menu of the app. You simply need to open the corresponding folder in the internal memory or SD-card of your device and add the required book to the library.

Among the major disadvantages of the product is a not really high frequency of the update releases. The new builds are released three or four times a year, and they are not related to the GUI redesign or the engine optimization — just some minor bug fixes and enhancements.

To make the best of EBookDroid, download the tool from our page and install it onto your mobile gadget. You will instantly notice all of the positive factors and enjoy its usage for quite a long time.

EBookDroid: interface screenshots

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