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Bluefire Reader for Android

Bluefire Reader for Android
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Description of Bluefire Reader for Android

Bluefire Reader for Android is a highly professional e-reader, which delivers seamless user experience and the ease of use that positions it's brand as a leader on the software market. Bluefire Reader is the most affordable, fastest and easiest way to launch apps on Android under your own brand. Due to the open API and SDK, the software designers can build their own products on the base of Bluefire. You can use this utility as an ordinary e-reader, as it’s vivid and logical interface totally conforms to all of the contemporary mobile app standards. In addition to Android, you can deploy applications on Windows PC or iOS to make your tool cross-platform and universal among all the operating environments.

Supported by Bluefire Reader formats

The Bluefire Reader tool perfectly opens, reads and handles the books of the following formats: PDF, EPUB and EPUB2. Disregarding such a restrained spectrum of supported extensions, the app is able to open Adobe DRM-protected books stored into any of the mentioned formats.

The capabilities and features of Bluefire Reader

Among the usual options of the app, there are some special ones which should be mentioned specifically:

  • The highly refined visual GUI. If you want to develop Bluefire-engine powered apps, the stunning and amusing interface will be successfully ported from Bluefire to your original project with its style and transparency.
  • An advanced feature set. Bluefire Reader contains a full set of active reading abilities, such as sharing, contextual search, dictionary lookup, note taking, highlighting, bookmarking, etc. With an enhanced range of configurable reading tweaks, the complete featured set satisfies and exceeds your expectations.
  • Full-scale PDF and EPUB support. The utility splendidly maintains opening and reading ebooks of the adaptive layout that conforms industry standards in any of the noted above formats.
  • Tight compliance with Adobe Content Server platform protection. Adobe Content Server (or ACS, in short) is used by libraries, retailers, and distributors all over the world. Currently, it is the most widely adopted DRM system on all of the continents. Bluefire Reader is compatible with multiple types of Adobe Rights Management authorization, including Anonymous ID, Adobe ID or your personal user accounts for the convenience of each particular signing in.
  • Flawless and smooth navigation through the app’s abilities. With just a tap, you can share excerpts, look up a definition of a word or a phrase, annotate, bookmark, highlight and execute even more actions, and make your interaction with the tool easier.
  • Analytics and Page Sync. The integrated Page Sync Cloud Service allows to instantly move between various mobile and desktop devices without losing their current book page reference and fives an online analytics reporting tool. This toolset provides you key metrics that assist you to develop a better comprehension and recognition of your customer reading patterns and their base.

As an e-reader, Bluefire Reader serves absolutely loyally and diligently, enhancing your interaction with books and offering an unbelievable experience to everyone who works with this outstanding and gorgeous application. Check out the great opportunities of Bluefire Reader for Android, download the mobile app from our website to make sure it fully corresponds your requirements.

Bluefire Reader for Android: interface screenshots

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