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Description of AlReader

AlReader is a convenient application developed as a handy assistant for reading books on your Android-operated devices, both tablets and smartphones. The program has lots of useful options and remains to be one of the best utilities for reading on Android gadgets. Although you are planning to read on a small or big screen, AlReader always offers a top-notch interface for the most pleasant user experience. AlReader download is available for free, so you can start using the app with no need to spend extra money.

What makes the program special? First, it offers countless features that lack most modern readers. Second, being incredibly flexible, the app adapts itself to your reading habits and will make your hobby highly personal.

AlReader supported formats

The app supports the majority of file formats for reading you can find on the Internet, including txt, epub, fb2, fb3, fbz,odt, rtf, mob, html, doc, docx, prc, tcr as well as ZIP and GZ archives.

Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about the file formats of books you are planning to download to your device — the program can easily handle most of them!

AlReader: features and benefits

  • Your personal local library. You can easily arrange your favorite books according to your personal preferences and sort them according to the author, genre, title or series. Now you will not need to spend your time looking for the needed book in your reader, everything can be managed right at hand.
  • Dictionaries. The program can boast of supporting lots of modern dictionaries, including Fora Dictionary, HedgeDict, QuickDict, ColorDict3, Dictan, Lingvo, FreeDictionary, GoldenDict, AardDictionary, and Slovoed.
  • Editing. Do you like to add some notes while reading? The tool allows editing Fb2 and TXT files for your convenience. In case you will edit an archived file, it will be unarchived to the same directory as the original file.
  • Plenty of languages. The program is a universal reader that supports a large number of interface languages (English, German, Russian, Chinese, Greek, Polish, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Turkish, and Belarusian) Furthermore, the tool offers completely correct hyphenation for a whopping number of 20 languages.
  • Modes. The tool has two basic options: one and two-page mode. The app will automatically turn on the two-page mode in landscape.
  • Styles. AlReader is amazingly customizable. You can easily change the styles of headings, abstracts, and citations. Not to mention, fonts, colors, size, text, shadow, indent, and spacing can be set up according to your needs. Both vertical and horizontal alignments of text are also available (users can also fix the screen rotation). You can also choose any of four pre-designed profiles with perfect gamma correction and fonts. 3D-paging animation will surely make your reading comfortable and relaxing.
  • Navigation. The app offers advanced navigation methods: by pages, by percents, 10 pages forward or backward, to the beginning or end of the text as well as to the next or previous chapter.
  • Table of contents. The feature is supported at doc, fb2, and epub file formats.
  • Text sharing feature. Users can effortlessly send bookmarks, quotes, text labels and plain text to any third-party applications. The popular feature of making shortcuts is also embedded.
  • Tap zones. You can assign actions to most of the app’s buttons. Feel free to use nine tap zones with simple gestures, gestures with two fingers, pinches, short and long taps.
  • Supports TTS. Text-To-Speech is now available at AlReader! The feature is available for all Android devices.
  • Encoding for reading files. Feel free to specify 932, 936, 949, 950 code pages.
  • Holding backlight. Users are able to hold backlight on their readers for up to 20 minutes (while being inactive)
  • Synchromization. AlReader can sync your reading position across different Android devices.

AlReader: interface screenshots

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