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How to open OXPS/xps file in Android

XPS or OXPS file is the format of the Microsoft document with fixed page contents and layout — such documents are displayed in the same way regardless of the software used to display them. In a nutshell, xps or oxps is the Microsoft analogue of PDF. However, it could not beat the popularity of PDF, which became the world standard for digital documents, and XPS is a much rarer format (OXPS is the same document, just created on Windows 8 only).

PDF is accepted everywhere, and lots of viewer apps are created for it, but there are less solutions for XPS. Still, this format is not canceled, and one may need to read such documents. There are some means for such files on Windows devices, but nowadays we work on mobile phones and tablets more often.

For Android-based devices we recommend FullReader. It is a multi-format solution designed to open and read electronic documents and ebooks, and it supports XPS — it will open this rare format and present its contents to the viewer correctly. It won't be needed to surf the Web and install an additional app only to open OXPS/XPS on Android.

Using FullReader for reading XPS/OXPS files on Android mobile phones

If you don't have this app installed on your Android phone/tablet, get FullReader for free at Google Play.

When you open this application, it will give you quick hints about the main tasks and tools — it won't take more than a couple of seconds.

  • Go to the side menu and tap Scanning to search the memory of your Android mobile device.

  • Choose the necessary format and put the checkmark for it (other types can be ignored if you need to open XPS only).

  • The app will scan your Android mobile phone, find and present all files matching the criteria. Simply tap the file you need to open.

  • As XPS/OXPS format is similar to PDF, FullReader can offer same additional options to work with such files on Android:
  • Text reflow to match the screen resolution of the mobile phone better.

  • Pagination and bookmarks, which is useful if the file contains many pages.
  • Voicing the text aloud etc.

Working with the Explorer file manager in FullReader

Files in formats supported by FullReader can be accessed and managed by the Explorer utility (side menu – Home). Users can always find the necessary document or ebook no matter where it is saved in the Android phone memory.

  • In FullReader go to Explorer and view the list of options: items already detected by scanning are gathered in the All books section.

  • View the list of files and tap the one you want to open. There are additional sorting options and the search form which will help to define the item faster.

By the way, if the file is zipped, it is not needed to search for additional archiver app, as FullReader can open ZIP, RAR and 7z itself. Such formats are not found when you scan for files, you should browse them manually, and Explorer lets you do that:

  • Refer to the section where the archive is kept on the Android phone.

  • Tap the zipped file to unpack it.

  • Then you can open the unpacked XPS or OXPS item and read it on the screen.

FullReader for Android also sorts all files by system criteria, and this can be also convenient for the search.

  • There you should refer to the My Library section in the side menu.

As you see, there are different categories, and all files in formats supported by FullReader are sorted and compiled under them (users can add their own collections, too).

  • You will find the required format in All formats section — just swipe the top bar with the names of sections to the left.

  • Refer to the same-name (oxps is not a separate section, it is included into the main format) part and open files there.

Thus, FullReader is perfect for opening oxps/xps on Android. Besides, being a universal reader, it can replace several solutions for different formats and work for all documents you might need. It is really worth trying FullReader to evaluate its functionality and user-friendliness.

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