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How to open ODT file on Android

ODT document is a format of files created by the Open Office Writer solution. These documents are very similar to the well-known docx files. ODT files are compatible with many applications for different desktop OSs. However, in the modern life people often have to work on mobile devices. The smartphones and tablets are really powerful, that's why users need some ways to open ODT file on Android or iOS.

There are separate apps created exclusively for opening ODT files for mobile OS. Or you might use some multi-functional solutions which support the ODT format.

For Android you can use FullReader. It is a multi-functional application which supports all main digital documents’ types and ebooks. Besides, it provides additional options to work with text, which can be really useful, and a convenient file manager to organize numerous files of different types.

If you need one solution to both read ebooks and view documents in different formats with the possibility to make notes, translate the texts, etc., FullReader will suit you perfectly.

Using FullReader for ODT files on Android phones and tablets

If you don't have this application installed on your Android mobile device, download FullReader at Google Play, it is free of charge. Install it on the phone or tablet and open the app. It will show quick hints right away, this might take a couple of seconds.

To start working with FullReader on Android, scan for the files. Open the side menu and choose Scanning.

Select the formats you are interested in. If you only need to open an ODT file on Android mobile devices, check this format and leave the rest of cells blank.

The FullReader app will scan the memory of your Android device and find all files matching the required extension. Tap the item you need to open.

Note the additional options available to the user while reading the ODT file. It is possible to create bookmarks, copy fragments of texts, translate separate words or phrases (you need to highlight the text fragment) and also enable the Reading aloud option.

Working with the file manager in FullReader for Android to open ODT

FullReader has a built-in Explorer file manager. With its help users can organize the libraries and documents collections, sort them, move, copy, delete and rename.

Some additional options can be obtained with Explorer only.

For example, if ODT documents are zipped, FullReader can unpack them itself and retrieve the contents, so, there is no need to use any other archiver. ZIP, RAR and 7z types are supported. However, archives are not retrieved automatically during the scanning process: users will need to add them manually. So, the following steps should be performed:

Open Explorer (side menu – Home) and browse the folder in the device's memory where those archives are kept.

Tap the archive to unpack and view the contents.

Choose the file you want to read on your Android mobile phone or tablet and simply tap it to open.

All books section in Explorer of FullReader shows all items matching the supported formats which were found during the scanning process. Users can always get access to the necessary files from that section.

Additional sorting options are provided to find the necessary items faster.

There is one more area in FullReader for Android where all items are sorted — My library. Ebooks and documents are parted according to the default criteria.

To get to My library, choose this option from the side menu.

Note the titles of the sections on the top and follow to the right side to get to All formats. This is the section where all items are sorted by their types, so, it is easier to find the necessary file. Open ODT to view the list of items in this format.

If you need to work on your Android phone or tablet with different file formats, it would be better to have one app to support them all. FullReader can read ODT files on Android mobile devices and help users to manage many documents. Thus, it makes the work with such documents much more convenient.

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