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How to open MOBI files on Android

MOBI is one of the most popular formats of ebooks. Initially it was developed for the Amazon Kindle ebook reader and later became much more popular. Ebooks in this format are available in many online stores and public libraries. E-ink readers face the strong competition in e-reading apps for mobile phones and tablets which make it possible to turn the smartphone into the fully functional e-reader.

That's why it may be really necessary to have the option to open MOBI files on Android due to the popularity of both this mobile OS and this ebook format.

We recommend FullReader for Android to read MOBI format — it is supported together with the rest of popular ebooks types and digital documents. This multi-format solution will be able to read all your library with books in different formats.

How to use FullReader to read MOBI ebooks on Android phone and tablet

First, download FullReader from Google Play on your phone or tablet with Android OS. It is free of charge.

Open the app. It will display hints regarding the main menus and tasks, this will take a second or two only. You need to scan for the ebooks files to add them to this app. Open side menu – Scanning.

FullReader will produce the list of supported formats, check them. If you are going to look for the MOBI file only, check that format and disable the rest of options.

The app will scan the memory of your Android phone, find all MOBI ebooks and pick them up. Open the book you want to read directly from the scanning results.

FullReader provides lots of options to customize the appearance of the page for the users to read ebooks on the screen of an Android smartphone with comfort. Refer to the quick settings (cogwheel icon) to view these options.

Also pay attention to the tools at the bottom of the page, they provide quick access to certain adjustment options, and users can quickly perform necessary tasks (tap the icon and hold it to enable the menu or use the icons on the right if you need to make a note for what you read).

How to use Explorer in FullReader for Android to open MOBI files

Users can read MOBI ebooks on their Android mobile devices when they open them from the results of the initial scanning. Then all found items are gathered in the All books section of the built-in Explorer file manager.

To open any book, do the following:

Open the side menu – Home – Explorer. Then open All books.

Here you can see the list of all items detected by FullReader. If you scan for more formats, you will see them all together with MOBI files.

You can sort ebooks and documents and also search for the exact item if you have a large library and need to find some exact title.

In this file manager users can work with the ebooks: create separate folders for them, rename, copy, move and delete files from the lists.

FullReader can read MOBI files which are archived in RAR and ZIP formats without any necessity to look for a separate archiver.

In the Explorer section of the FullReader app navigate to the location where you store those archives in the memory of your Android device.

View the files which you want to read. You can also apply sorting here to make the order more convenient to find the necessary data.

Tap the archive to unpack it.

Open the ebook file and read it on your Android phone's screen.

In FullReader you will also find other standard categories where documents are grouped.

In the side menu choose My library.

Here you can see the names of the sections. Swipe them all to the left and get to the latest category — All formats. Here all items are sorted according to the file type so the user can quickly find the necessary one.

As you see, FullReader would be the most suitable choice for anyone who needs to open MOBI files on Android device. It is a really powerful e-reader with lots of additional options, let alone that it can do much more than read this format only. This app is worth testing.

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