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How to read PDF on Android

PDF is a very popular and widely used format of digital documents. The contents and appearance of such files remain unaltered in any viewer application, it made this format become the standard for official documents, letters and other items where it is critical to keep the original data and exclude editing options. And this means that it is necessary to have means to open such documents on mobile devices, as our daily routines require using smartphones and tablets as fully functional work devices.

Many applications developed for different OSs are able to open PDF files, both desktop and mobile. For example, there is a built-in PDF viewer in most of the modern browsers which run on Android and iOS phones. However, such solutions might not be convenient for documents containing many pages, especially with the smaller screens, like the smartphones'.

If someone needs to know how to read PDF on Android, there is a wide choice of apps. We recommend using FullReader — this application is a e-reader optimized to work with all popular formats of digital documents and ebooks. It can open the file and provide additional tools to read it conveniently on the mobile device.

How to use FullReader for PDF files to open them on Android

Download FullReader for free from Google Play and install on your phone or tablet with the Android OS.

Right after installing, when you open the app, it will show quick hints regarding the main menus and tasks and where they are located — this will take a couple of seconds.

  • Open the main menu and select Scanning. The application will have to search for the documents and add them to its data sections first of all.

  • Choose the formats you are interested in. If you need to read PDF files, leave this format and uncheck the rest of them.

  • FullReader will scan the memory of your Android device and pick all files matching the criteria. Tap the one you want to read.

With this app you can also use additional tools to select text fragments and work with them — highlight, underline, translate words and phrases. FullReader can also read the text from the PDF file aloud. These options are provided in the toolbar located under the text area.

How to open PDF files from archives on Android with FullReader

If your PDF file (or files of any other supported type) are archived, it won't cause any difficulties for FullReader, it can read them from the ZIP and RAR archives. To open archived files, do the following:

  • Navigate to the Explorer section, which is available under Home (open the side menu to get there).

  • Go the folder in the memory of your Android phone/tablet where you keep these archives.

  • Tap the file, and ZIP or RAR archive will be open right away.

  • Open the file — you can read it on the screen of your Android device.

How to work with Explorer in FullReader for Android

Explorer, which is described above, is a built-in file manager of the FullReader app. Its aim is to make it more convenient to organize ebooks and documents saved on the Android device to read them when needed.

  • If you need to find a document to read it with FullReader, navigate to Explorer and refer to the All books section. There you will find the list of all ebooks and documents.

  • Users can create internal folders to manage their documents and ebooks, rename the files, move them between these folders, delete and copy, and also sort by different criteria.

Thus, as you see, FullReader is an excellent choice if you need to find out how to read PDF on Android. It is not just a PDF reader, but a much more powerful and multi-functional solution designed to work with your documents in the most convenient way for you.

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