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How to open DJVU file in Android

DjVu format was developed for the files containing both text and visual elements (graphs, illustrations, etc.). In general it can be compared with the scanned book, but a DjVu file weights less than the scanned images, and it keeps the original quality of the scan at the same time. Many ebooks exist in this form only, and many users prefer this format, as it provides the initial appearance of the page.

Thus, it can be really necessary to find out how to open DjVu file in Android or iOS, because smartphones and tablets are often used to read ebooks and documents die to their size and mobility.

That's why we recommend FullReader for Android to read DjVu files on mobile devices. It is a complete solution which supports all popular ebooks and document formats.

Working with FullReader to open DjVu files on Android

The application is available for free at Google Play. Download FullReader and install on your smartphone or tablet with Android OS.

To open a DjVu file with FullReader, you need first of all to add it to the reading lists of this app.

  • Open the application, go to the main menu (the app will show you locations of the main menus after installing immediately). Tap Scanning.

  • Define the formats you will search for, you might disable the rest of formats shown in the scanning settings. Start the process.

  • FullReader will show the list of results right away.

  • Select the necessary file in it and tap it to open.

Note the toolbar at the bottom of the window — there you can view the information about the book, enable automated pages scrolling, share pages and add or remove bookmarks.

Using Explorer to manage ebooks and documents in FullReader for Android

FullReader for Android has a built-in file manager for more convenient work with your library on the Android device. You can use it to find your files again when you need to return to them.

  • Go to the side menu – Home – Explorer.

  • All files found during the scanning in supported formats are gathered under the All books section.

FullReader can read files directly from archives (RAR, ZIP and 7z), so you won't need to look for additional app to unpack them. However, archives will not be picked up automatically by the app in the scanning process, you should add them to the application manually.

Do the following:

  • Go to the Explorer file manager in the application and go to the location in the memory of your Android device where the archived file is kept.

  • Open the archive — simply tap it and view the contents.

  • Open DjVu file and read it directly from the screen of your smartphone or tablet.

Also, pay attention to the My library section (available from the side menu). There you can find all your books and documents sorted and put into different categories.

To find all DjVu files quickly, navigate to the All formats section in My library and open the same-name part.

So, if anyone needs to learn how to open DjVu file in Android device, then FullReader will be a very good choice. It is a powerful and free tool which can read this format and many other formats of ebooks and other documents in digital form. Just download and install this application, and it will do the job for you.

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