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How to open HTM/HTML file in Android

HTML or HTM format is the standard format for web pages. These two extensions stand for the same type, the shortened variant was implemented for some servers due to their requirements to the number of characters in extensions. These files can be opened by browsers and web pages editors.

However, in case you have large HTML/HTM files which are loaded as very long pages, browsers might not be so convenient. There will be very long pages with potential troubles with loading, scrolling and marking fragments, especially on mobile devices. It's better to use other applications designed to treat large HTML pages.

So, if one needs to find out how to open HTM/HTML file in Android if that is a large file, there are plenty of third-party applications.

We recommend using FullReader for Android, it is an ebook reader which supports this format (together with many other formats of ebooks and documents). It can open the necessary HTM documents and read them properly.

Working with FullReader to open HTML files on Android

FullReader for Android is available for free at Google Play. To use this application to read HTM files on Android phones/tablets, do the following:

Download FullReader and install on your Android-based phone.

  • After the quick hints shown by default (this will only take a couple of seconds), scan the memory of the device for HTML format items (HTM will be included automatically, as, like it is already mentioned, it is the same format). The option is available in the side menu.

  • Pay attention to the scanning settings: if you need to find documents in the certain formats only, remove the checkmarks from the rest unneeded formats.

  • The app will show all found itemsright away. To open HTM file on your Android phone, tap it in the list of results.

  • FullReader will apply default formatting to the text contents, users can change it, the necessary options are present in the quick settings menu (the cogwheel icon in the reading window).

  • Note the bottom toolbar where you can quickly access some useful things to adjust the reading process and add notes or bookmarks.

FullReader for Android can also open and read HTM and HTML pages if they are archived. RAR, ZIP and 7z formats are supported. There is no need to unpack these archives separately with some other application.

User will need to perform the following steps:

  • Browse to the HTM archived files using the built-in Explorer file manager of FullReader (side menu – Home).

  • Tap the archive to open it and view its contents.

  • Open the necessary HTML file to read it on your mobile device.

Using the file manager in FullReader for Android

All files in different formats which are saved in the memory of your Android mobile device will be presented in FullReader and sorted by its standard criteria. Of course, first the user will need to find them by running the scan.

If the user needs to refer to a file, it can be found in All books section of Explorer.

  • Open side menu – Home – Explorer and tap All books to see the list of all items.

  • To find some item faster, use the standard sorting or enter its name into the search field.

My library section offers similar feature — it sorts all ebooks and puts them into different sections.

  • To get to My library, choose this option from the side menu.

  • Then swipe the titles on the top to the left — you'll need All formats.

  • For HTML items, refer to the same-name part, open it and find the document.

Thus, if you need to open an HTM/HTML file in Android, when it is a large document with lots of text contents, FullReader will be the best solution.

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