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How to open DOCX file in Android

DOCX format is the current default format of Microsoft Word. It is a newer upgraded version of the old DOC format which has replaced it and is gaining more and more popularity as the main method of saving text contents. This file format is open by default with Word, and it can be compatible with other applications on both desktop computers and mobile phones and tablets. Our daily routines often require working with different documents somewhere on the way, and it is important to find how to open DOCX file in mobile devices.

There are many solutions for Android phones and tablets, we recommend FullReader.

FullReader is an app which supports all popular digital document formats. It was created as an ebooks reader for Android, thus, it can open large DOCX files containing graphic objects and treat them smoothly.

How to use FullReader to read DOCX files on Android

  • Get FullReader from Google Play, install the application on your phone or tablet and open it.
  • The app will show quick hints for a second or two about the location of main settings menus for the user. Open the side menu and perform scanning to pick the necessary files up.

  • There will be all formats supported by this application listed, uncheck the ones you won’t need.

  • Select the file you want to read on this Android device and tap it to open.

The toolbar at the bottom of the window provides means for additional adjustments, and there is the Quick settings menu. It is located in the top-right corner of the book-reading window.

Using that menu users will be able to change the page appearance according to their personal preferences for more convenient reading and work.

If the DOCX files are archived in ZIP, RAR or 7z, FullReader for Android will read them, too. There is no need to look for another archiver app and unpack the files before reading.

Search for those archived files saved in the memory of your phone or tablet. FullReader does not scan for such archives automatically.

  • To find these archives, go to the Explorer file manager in Home (available from the side menu).

  • Browse to the folders where the requested items are stored.

  • Tap the archive to open ZIP or RAR.

Now you can read DOCX files directly on your Android mobile device.

How to use the file manager in FullReader to find and open DOCX items on Android

FullReader has a convenient built-in file manager aimed to help users to work with different files saved on the Android device.

  • After the scanning process, all found results are automatically gathered in All books section of Explorer.

  • You can sort these items to find the necessary document faster, for example, sort the by type to see all DOCX items at once. Then, as in all other sections of the application, tap the file to open.

  • Also you can refer to the section of My library, it contains all files sorted by different criteria.

  • Swipe the names of sections at the top of the window to the left and get to All formats. Then tap the “DOCX” section to view all documents of this format.

FullReader can open DOCX on Android phones and tables and provide additional options to work with these Word documents. Users can change the appearance of the documents to read them more conveniently, add notes, translate separate words and phrases into different languages. FullReader for Android is a very powerful and multi-functional solution, it is really worth trying it.

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