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How to read DOC files on Android

DOC file format was the standard for documents used by the Microsoft Word. Even now most of the documents in the Web are saved in this format, though it is obsolete. However, even in its prime DOC was often criticized because of compatibility issues with other applications, and certain versions of Microsoft Word might not open the file created in a different version of the same tool.

As for mobile OSs, there are even more issues, but they can be resolved.

To read word documents on mobile devices, you will need to install a special application, there is a wide choice of them. For Android phone or tablet we recommend FullReader.

This mobile app was designed to read ebooks. As many of them are provided in DOC format, this file type support was implemented together with many other formats support.

Instructions on using FullReader to open DOC files on Android

If you need exact and detailed information on how to read word documents on Android phone or tablet, here it is.

  • Download FullReader from Google Play for free on your device. After installing, the app will show quick hints, this can take a couple of moments.
  • If you already have the items in DOC format downloaded on your device, you will need to find them with FullReader first of all. It is done easily: open the side menu and tap Scanning.

  • In the lists of all supported formats uncheck all unneeded formats if you need to find the Word documents only.

  • See the scanning results, the app will show all files of the Word format found on your mobile device.

  • Tap the file to open it. Pay attention to the toolbar at the bottom of the window, there are shortcuts to main options which you might need when you start to read those data.

  • Also you can adjust the page appearance so it would look neater for your eye — open the Quick settings menu.

Reading archived DOC files on Android with FullReader

If the Word documents are packed into RAR or ZIP archives, it won't cause any difficulties: FullReader can read them directly from the archives, and you won't need to open these data separately with another app.

  • Navigate to the Home section and then shift to Explorer.

  • Browse to the area in the memory of your Android tablet or phone where that archive is located.

  • Tap the RAR or ZIP archive to open its contents for viewing.

  • Tap the DOC file to read it.

Using the file manager in FullReader to find and open DOC files on Android

  • All files matching the formats criteria can be saved in different locations, however, you can view and access them all from the All books section of FullReader.

  • You can sort the contents of that section additionally to find the necessary document faster.

  • Also you can refer to My library to find all files sorted by the default criteria — there you can check the name of the file (in the Titles section).

  • Or shift to the All formats division and view all Word files present in the memory of your Android mobile device.

This is how to read DOC files on Android tablets and phones.

You can use FullReader to read ebooks in Word format or any other contents like notes, instructions, articles, letters, etc. This mobile app is designed to open such documents, and it also provides plenty of tools and options for meaningful reading. It is a really powerful and customizable solution to read documents on Android OS.

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