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How to open CBR files on Android

CBR is an archive file format developed for electronic comic books. It is a well-known RAR archive (Comic Books RAR), and this extension means to define the contents of the archive: comics pages usually are presented as high-quality images. These archives can be unpacked with the default program methods, however, pages might not be presented there in the correct order, and there can be other difficulties with managing these files.

Thus, to read CBR file is much better to use some special application designed to treat this specific format. There are plenty of such tools available, especially for Android OS.

For anyone needing to know how to open CBR files on Android smartphone or tablet (tablets with their larger screens will suit even better to read comics on mobile devices), we recommend FullReader.

FullReader is an integral solution for opening and reading all popular formats of ebooks, comics and documents on Android mobile devices. Cloud storages support lets the user keep the data online, which is convenient, as graphic comics pages in high quality will require more space in the memory. This way one can get the item on the device and read it when needed. The FullReader built-in file manager will help to sort the titles and manage the library according to the personal preferences.

Using FullReader to read CBR comics on Android

Get FullReader for Android at Google Play for free and install on the smartphone or tablet.

  • Launch the app. It will show hints regarding the location of main menus, this can take a second or two. After that, open the side menu and start the scanning.

  • Here you can see all formats supported by FullReader. However, if you are interested in certain formats only (comic books archives), uncheck the rest of choices.

  • The app will produce all files found in the memory of your Android phone/tablet, and you can start to read instantly.

  • Just tap the file shown in the scanning results to open it — no need to unpack the archive separately.

FullReader offers additional tools right in the book reading window. You can read the additional information about the file, quickly navigate to the necessary pages, add bookmarks and set automatic page scrolling.

Using the file manager in FullReader to read CBR files on Android

Comics files can be located in different folders in the memory of your smartphone of tablet, however, you can easily find them in the FullReader application.

  • First of all, files are sorted automatically by their titles, authors, genres and formats. To find the CBR file, go to the side menu again and then open My library.

  • Pay attention to the names of sections and swipe them to the left until you get to the All formats section. Tap this section to open and view the collection of your CBR files saved on the device in it.

  • Also you can use the built-in Explorer in the Home section. This utility gives quick access to all areas where the items (ebooks, comics, documents) are stored.

  • Refer to the All books section to view the list of your comics. Tap the file to open it.

  • Note that you can additionally sort the results to find the necessary issue faster and read it.

FullReader will be a very good choice if you need to open CBR files on Android.

In fact, it is more than just an Android CBR reader: there are much more options in this app to open and manage ebooks, comics and documents of different types.

But if you need only to open archived comic books in CBR format to read it on your Android device, it will surely perform this task for you right away.

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