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How to read CBZ files on Android

CBZ is one of the main formats for digital comic books. The name of the format means Comic Books ZIP — it is an archive, and this extension should notify about its contents (comics).

You can use standard archivers to extract the pages from the CBZ file and view them one by one. These pages are often JPG or PNG images, thus, any image viewer can display them. However, if you just want to read a comic book, it would be more convenient to open the archive with one click and read the pages sequentially.

There are many CBZ reader apps developed for different OS, both desktop and mobile (Android and iOS).

For those who look for how to read CBZ files on Android we recommend FullReader. It is a powerful multi-functional solution which can open all popular formats of comics, ebooks, magazines and documents.

FullReader also supports cloud storages and can provide direct access to the popular network libraries; one can find the ebook or magazine and download it on Android device right away. The built-in file manager will help to organize the library on the device according to the system criteria and user's personal preferences.

How to use FullReader for CBZ comics on Android devices

  • First of all, download FullReader for Android from Google Play (it is free) and install it on the mobile phone or tablet.
  • After the launch this app will show quick hints (for a second or two) about the main areas and tasks.
  • Search for the files to read which are currently located on the device: open the side menu and tap Scanning.

  • By default the app is supposed to search for all supported formats. However, if you need only to find comics in format only, leave that option and disable the rest.

  • Choose the necessary comic book issue from the list of found results and tap it to start reading. No additional means to open CBZ file on Android are required — everything is done with one click in FullReader.

When you start to read comics on your mobile device, note the bottom toolbar of the book reading window. There you can quickly access the information about that file, configure automated page scrolling, create bookmarks, etc.

How to open CBZ file with the file manager of FullReader for Android

If you did not start to read your comic book right after getting the scanning results, you can open CBZ file using the built-in file manager in FullReader and read it later.

  • The file manager is located in Home – Explorer.

  • Open All books and view the list of items present in the memory of your smartphone/tablet.

  • You can sort them additionally to find the necessary issue faster. Tap the file to open it.

FullReader also sorts all files according to the standard criteria.

  • If you have ebooks and magazines in different formats saved on your Android device and use FullReader to read them, you might check for all types of files in My library.

  • Here you can make your own collections or check the system sections. Swipe the titles at the top of the window to the left and get to All formats.

  • All files are grouped by type. Open the “CBZ” section to view your comics in this format.

There are much more options for wholesome reading and convenient library management provided by this solution. Refer to the FAQ section to learn more details on how to use FullReader to treat different files on Android and manage them.

And if you are only interested in how to read CBZ files on Android, feel free to use FulReader as well. It can do more, and it can certainly do what you need right now: open and read your favorite comic book on the mobile.

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