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How to open RTF file in Android

RTF file format is a kind of advanced Doc which allows saving the text structure and formatting (color, bold and italic fonts, columns, etc.) thus letting the user to read the text contents with more comfort. No wonder that this format is widely used for ebooks.

Such files are supported by the main desktop OSs, Windows, MacOS and Linux have their own built-in means to open and read RTF files. But it might not be so easy with Android on a mobile phone or tablet, while many people need to work with this file format using their smartphones.

There is a way out, of course: Android OS offers lots of additional apps to open RTF file on Android. So, you will only need to spend a couple of seconds at Google Play to find the solution for your taste.

One of the best RTF readers for Android is the app called FullReader. Its functionality is not limited to this format, it supports all the main digital documents — you can get this one solution and get rid of all the possible issues with many other formats.

Using FullReader to read RTF files on Android smartphones and tablets

Get FullReader from Google Play, install it on the mobile device and launch it. It will show quick hints about the main options and meaningful areas of the interface (will take a moment or two), and then you can find and open the document in RTF format.

  • If the file is already present in the memory of the device, scan for it so that FullReader could pick it up and include into its data lists. To do this, go to the side menu and choose Scanning.

  1. Note that the scanning process will be for all supported formats by default, uncheck the ones you won't need if you are interested in the RTF format only.

  • When the application produces the list of results for the requested format, you can open the necessary item right away: just tap it right in that list. So, to understand how to read RTF files on Android is really easy: a couple of clicks in FullReader is enough.

  • You can adjust the look of the page when you open the document: launch the Quick settings menu (the icon is located in the top-right corner).

  • The screen brightness level is changed right in the book reading window, and the Black Theme is also available to reduce the eye strain if you need to read the documents on your Android mobile phone late in evening with no lights.

Using FullReader for zipped RTF files on Android

The application supports main archive formats: ZIP, RAR and 7z. In case your RTF file is zipped, FullReader will open it.

However, there is one issue: zipped documents are not picked up automatically during the scan process; the user will need to find them manually. There is a built-in file manager in the Home section — Explorer.

Browse to the folder where the archived files are saved in the memory of your Android phone, and tap them to unpack. Then you will be able to open any file and read it.

Finding a file in FullReader on Android

The app will manage supported files and sort them according to its default criteria to make it easier for the user to find the necessary item. Thus, after you close the document file you read, it can be reached again in several ways:

  • Go to the Recent section — launch the main side menu and select Home. FullReader keeps the titles opened by the user in Recent — that file will most likely be there. The app will open it on the last viewed page, and you can also use bookmarks to get to the necessary fragment you read.
  • Go to My library section from the side menu of FullReader. There are standard sections to keep the sorted files in, All formats will be the last in the row — swipe the titles to the left to get there and open the container marked by the necessary format.

  • Use Explorer again and open All books — it saves all files in supported formats there. You can apply additional sorting to them.

The FullReader app is a really powerful solution for opening RTF file on Android (and reading many other formats, too). It is rather small and easy-to-operate, and it has much more options for you to read the data at your convenience.

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