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How to open EPUB files on Android

EPUB is the world standard format for ebooks which is offered by most of the online ebook stores and many open digital libraries. As many users prefer to read their ebooks on smartphones and tablets, there is a wide range of applications offering to open such files and turn that mobile device into a fully functional ebook reader, especially for Android.

One of the best applications to open EPUB file on Android is FullReader, a powerful and customizable solution which also can read other ebook formats like Fb2 and MOBI.

Using FullReader for EPUB ebook files on Android devices

If you already have your library downloaded and saved in the memory of your mobile phone/tablet and would like to open and read the book, first of all you’ll need to download the e-reader application.

FullReader for Android is available at Google Play, and you can get this app and install it on your Android-based mobile device.

  • The first thing to do after you open FullReader is to pick your ebooks up. Launch the side menu with the main options and tap Scanning.

  • The process is set by default to search for files in all supported formats. If you need to find the EPUB books only, simply uncheck the unwanted extensions.

  • The app will scan the memory of the phone/tablet and find all files matching the extension.

  • To open an EPUB file on Android device, just tap it.

The app will offer the text in the default formatting, and you can choose yourself how the ebook will look on the screen of your Android mobile device.

  • Open the Quick settings and view the available options to adjust the page appearance for you to read comfortably — there you can specify your preferences for the fonts, background, screen brightness level, etc. For more options, refer to the Advanced Settings menu.

Unpacking the zipped EPUB files on Android

In case the ebook is zipped, FullReader will be able to open it itself, and you won't need to unzip it separately before downloading on your mobile phone. The archive formats supported are ZIP, RAR and 7z.

  • To open and read a zipped EPUB file, go to the Home section, then to Explorer.

The thing is that archived files are not found automatically during the scanning. That's why users will need to refer to the built-in file manager of the FullReader app and browse to the area in the memory of the Android phone/tablet where the zipped files are kept.

  • Tap the archive to open and view its contents.

  • Tap the EPUB file to read it on your Android.

Ways to display EPUB by FullReader on Android devices

The nature of this format allows advanced formatting to match the look of the original paper book page, it can be better for the user to read it this way. With FullReader, you can read EPUB in two ways:

  • The default way is the Text format that processes it in the same way as any other text. In this mode you can adjust the page look yourself.
  • The optional way is the Graphic format which allows keeping closer to the original book-view. In this mode the user does not have plenty of options to adjust, however, the look of the page is smarter.

To switch between these formats launch the side menu and tap the cogwheel icon, this will transfer you to the main settings. The necessary option will be at the top.

Finding the read EPUB files in FullReader

When you close the ebook and then want to refer to it again, you can find it easily in FullReader on the Android device.

  • All the recently open ebooks are kept in Recent of the Home section. FullReader will by default open the ebook file on the last read page.
  • All ebooks are sorted according to the file types. This option is available in My library (select it from the side menu). Swipe the titles of the sections at the top of the window to the left to get to All formats.

  • All files can also be found and managed in the Explorer section: tap All books to view the list of available files. To find the necessary ebook faster, you can additionally sort the items by type.

So, as you see, if you need a good tool to read EPUB on Android, FullReader will suit you perfectly well. It will also let you open other ebook formats and provide with a decent toolset for wholesome reading.

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