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How to open TXT file in Android

TXT files are commonly used for many purposes, however, there can be issues with reading them on phones and tablets, as the mobile OS does not include means to open this format by default.

On Android phones (and other devices) such difficulties are resolved easily: you need only to get a separate application to open such files. The task usually takes a couple of seconds to find the app at Google Play and a couple of seconds to install it on the device.

To open TXT file on Android phone we recommend FullReader app — this solution will read all digital documents formats, including the format you need.

Using FullReader to read TXT files

First of all, download FullReader from Google Play and install it on your Android device. After installing, the application will show quick hints about the location of its menus and main user actions. This can take a couple of moments.

Find the TXT file you need to open in the memory of your Android phone/tablet.

  • Go to the side menu of the application and launch the scanning — uncheck the formats you don't need and search for the TXT format only.

  • The app will produce the list of all found files for your request.

  • To open the TXT file on Android, simply tap the necessary item.

Additional options for reading TXT files on Android

With FullReader one can adjust the page look according to the personal preferences — there is a separate settings menu for this.

  • To launch this menu, click the icon in the top-right corner of the book reading window and view the options.

  • There are even more customization options for reading TXT on Android with more comfort using FullReader, they are available in the Advanced Settings menu of this app.
  • To protect your eyes when you read the text, you can change the brightness level or apply the Black Theme if you need to read the contents of the file in the dark time of the day.

Finding the file location in FullReader

This is how you can open and read the file right after finding it in the scanning results. However, if you need to refer to that file later, there are several ways to find the necessary item if it is saved in the memory of your Android device.

  • All the files you read are present in the Recent section of the app. You need to navigate to the side menu again and then navigate to Home.
  • Files are sorted by format by FullReader and gathered in My library section. You can get there from the side menu:

  1. Swipe the sections to get to All formats, and you'll see the list of available formats.

  • And also all files processed by FullReader are found in the Explorer section, it is under Home in the main menu:

  1. Choose All books, and you'll see the list of all documents. To make it easier to find the necessary one, you can sort the items by type.

FullReader offers integral approach to read all the main ebook and e-documents formats. So just get this app for your Android phone, and it will open and read TXT and many other file formats without any issues.

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