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How to read ebooks on Android

Ebooks have become a part of our daily lives and allowed us having all the libraries on a small device. Two approaches were implemented to help bookworms to read everywhere: the e-ink reader and reading apps for smartphones and tablets (mostly Android devices). Both ways have their pros and cons.

However, even the best e-ink reader is an additional device to carry, while you will most likely have a mobile phone. It is possible to use it to read books, too: modern Android smartphones are powerful devices with lots of options, and such things can easily turn into ebook readers.

For anyone wishing to learn how to read ebooks on mobile, there is a wide range of apps. We recommend FullReader for Android as the most complete solution.

First of all, FullReader supports all the main ebook and e-documents formats: fb2, ePub, mobi, (a very popular format offered in many online book stores), txt, doc, rtf, html and htm.

Thus, in case your library includes book files in different formats, this app won't need any additional modules to read them, and the pages of books will have the same look on the Android device's screen.

Then, FullReader is perhaps the most customizable ebook reader for Android on the market. It lets the user read with as much comfort as possible and does its best to protect the user's eyes.

A guide on using the FullReader app to read ebooks on Android

Download FullReader at Google Play and install on your Android-based device. The license is free with in-app purchases: the free license includes showing advertisements, and paid license is ads-free.

Compiling the ebook library in FullReader on Android devices

  • After installing the application, scan for the books already present in the memory of the device: define which ebook formats you are looking for.

  • Add public network libraries to search for books there.

  • Connect to the cloud storage if you prefer keeping the ebooks there instead of the Android device's memory and download the ones you want to read.

  • To see the list of all found books, go to the FullReader Explorer section – All books.

You might need to perform an additional scanning for the application to pick up all the items. Then you will find all your ebooks in all formats retrieved from all the sources available.

Reading ebook files with FullReader

As soon as you have gathered your library, you can choose the book to read now. Here is how to use ebook reader on Android for those files:

  • To open any ebook, just tap it.
  • Before you start to read, you can customize the look of the page. Navigate to the Quick settings in the top-right corner of the ebook reading window.

  • Change the font and its size, specify the brightness level, choose the page background to make the page look pleasant to look at it and read it.

  • For more options, go to the Advanced Settings menu of the reader.
  • Pay attention to the bottom toolbar where you can get options for considerate reading. By default there are the book info, quick access to the table of contents, auto-scrolling timer, the option to voice the text and icons for notes and bookmarks.

  • The toolset is editable, tap and hold the icon to replace the item with a different one from the list, except for the notes and bookmarks, these ones can't be replaced.

  • Apply the Black Theme if you prefer to read your ebook on Android in the dark time of the day, this helps to protect the eyes.

To get back to the Light Theme, use the same side menu, just switch the option off.

The FullReader app will manage the ebook library itself and sort the books with the default criteria: recents, authors, titles, series, formats.

The user can sort your ebooks according to the personal preferences:

  • Add the title to the FullReader Favorites section by tapping the star icon or choosing the option from the ebook menu.

  • Create personal collection: main side menu – My library – Collections – Create a collection.

  • After that, you can add the ebook files to different collections to find them faster.

  • Use Explorer in FullReader to manage ebooks: create folders, rename the files and move them between the folders.
  • Change covers for ebooks — download covers files from the Internet or upload your own covers.

There is an option to get quick access to some books (Recents or Favorites) from the home screen of the Android phone or tablet: FullReader app offers its own widgets to be placed there.

Also one can use shortcuts to add icons of certain books from FullReader on the Android device's home screen.

There are much more options available in the FullReader app. If you need more information on how to use ebook reader on Android, refer to the FAQ section in the side menu, there will be precise illustrated instructions.

The app is regularly updated and provides the users with new options for free. It is a really powerful integral solution to read ebooks on Android devices, neat and easy-to-operate.

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